Our Team

Elizabeth Jones

Executive Director of Promenade since 2004

Elizabeth believes that manners and life skills are vital to creating successful adults, and that manners can open doors no matter what level of education a person has.


Elizabeth has been the backbone of Promenade since 2004.  She has led it through a period of strong growth and the absorption of the former Teen Cotillion in 2017. Under her direction, Promenade has tripled in size, become more current in operations and curriculum, gone online and became a incorporated non-profit. She is a graduate of Duke University with a degree in Management and has three children, all Promenade graduates.

Teen Helpers

Our Teen Helpers are high school Juniors or Seniors who are past participants in Promenade or Teen Cotillion.  They will assist Linda Booth during the class with dance demonstration and logistics.  They are invaluable to the smooth running of our class.  

This is a paid position. If your child is interested in being a teen helper, please ask them to contact Elizabeth Jones at elizabeth@promenadeofcharlotte.com. 

Linda Booth


Linda Booth is an educator. She has spent the last 25+ years following her passions, and leading over 25,000 youth and teens in etiquette, dance, and theatre programs.


As an etiquette instructor, she has designed and implemented successful programs for all ages.  She is fueled by a calling to promote kindness, civility, and respect, and a desire to equip every student with the skills that they need for professional and interpersonal success. Whether she is teaching 4 year olds learning to share, middle schoolers navigating middle school, high schoolers interviewing for college, or even medical students preparing for residencies, her instructional leadership creates a foundation for personal growth.


As a teaching artist, she has delighted in leading students of all ages to discover their voice in the arts. She has been honored by many awards, and by the opportunity to choreograph hundreds of productions, including Blumenthal's 25th Gala, The William Ivey Long Tribute, and the annual Blumey Awards.

 2019-2020 Promenade Board Roster 


Jodie Ayres

President - Past

Jenn Freno


Libba Rule

12th Grade Chair

Andrea Williamson

10th Grade Chair

Whitney Balzer

8th Grade Chair -MPBC/TP

Anne Tobin

7th Grade Chair -MPBC/TP

Cecelia McNorrill

6th Grade Chair 


Sherese Smith

6th Grade Chair

- TP

Kerry Winslow

President - Elect

Anne Tobin

Executive Director

Elizabeth Jones

Social Media

Janelle Lenhart

11th Grade Chair

Stephanie Cline

9th Grade Chair

Dara Brownlow

8th Grade


Sarah Rowe

7th Grade Treasurer - MPBC/TP

Diane Hargett

6th Grade Treasurer -MPBC

Wendy Hadley

6th Grade Treasurer - TP

Gwen Lowry